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backflow in prescott

What is Backflow?

Backflow happens when any liquid, such as water, is forced to flow opposite its intended course. Water backflow in a home or business is a reaction that happens when suction draws dirty water into a source of clean water. Water in pipes is supposed to be flowing one way but certain conditions stop the pipes from properly draining the water so that the water flows backwards instead.

Disrupted Pressure

Water systems are designed to ensure the flow of water goes to the proper valves, appliances, and faucets and not backwards. This requires the application of the appropriate amount of pressure. When that pressure is disrupted or reduced to a substantial point, the absence of pressure causes the water to flow the opposite direction. Frozen or broken pipelines or high usage of water can cause this problem.

Why is Prevention Important?

The prevention of a reverse flow of impure water protects the safety and quality of your water supply. It is important to make certain that dangerous contaminants, such as bacteria, microorganisms, gases, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and other pollutants do not enter your potable water system. Backflow prevention can help you avoid a spread of potentially life-threatening diseases.

Counteract Serious Illness

Documented cases show pollutants often spread through water supplies. Serious illnesses, sometimes leading to death, have been caused by backflow into potable water systems. Such incidents have happened every year around the country. The dangerous consequences of backflow can be prevented.

How We Prevent Backflow

Backflow is avoided when a device is installed to ensure that unclean water does not go into your clean water. The best way to avert backflow is to create spaces or air gaps between locations that open in your plumbing system.


It is important to be sure your water system is current and always doing its job properly. Avoid the hazardous problems caused by dirty water going into your drinking, bath, laundry, and dishwashing water. Burgie’s Plumbing offers expert prevention services. With our maintenance program you will never need to worry about the condition of your potable water.

Backflow Testing

A regular schedule of backflow testing will help to ensure your backflow preventer is functioning properly. Examination reveals whether or not proper pressure is maintained by the prevention device and that it is able to stop the reverse flow of contaminated water. Burgie’s is certified to thoroughly test for backflow in Yavapai County. If there is a problem, we will offer the right solution. We apply the best, but affordable, devices to keep your water pure and safe.

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